Move Completed

Finally made the effort to save effort – There’s now two blogs I’ll be hopefully updating – this one, at, which will be my personal blog, and a new one at, for the work-aspects of my research. The idea will be that the dnahelix blog will track the process of what I’m doing in my research as part of the website, which will be my “open access lab notebook”.

Well, time will tell whether I’ll actually write updates, or if these will just end up collecting dust. Hopefully, this will be the crazy revival year for these blogs. The point of using this hosted software business will be to make it so easy to update these blogs that I can’t not do it. That and the fact that things like being able to post comments, and fancy web designs … the day of static webpages is slowly passing. I can tell I’m getting old – I used to jump both feet into new technology without even blinking an eye. What’s with all this careful deliberation?

The old website and archives will still be kept at

Hmmm…This is embarassing. First post, and I’ve already confused the two blogs. This will be intersting to see how many times I accidentally blog about my crazy wild social life on my work blog.

Or maybe I’ll be mostly safe…


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