Wrapping Up ISBI

Time to head home — after zipping through the first floor of the National Air and Space museum,  it was time to make the mad dash to the airport and face the security persons.  I had already planned ahead,  and taken my bags from the hostel and checked my bags at the Marriott in the morning.  The people at the desk even recommended me to take the airport shuttle,  so I didn’t even need to take the Metro to the airport.   Got dropped off right by the United gate,  then did the automatic check-in — I love how fast you can get things done with those little kiosks.  Never seen any lineups to use it,  although they do tend to ask you to peck in all sorts of confirmation info before they really believe you are who you claim to be.

Big Snafu at the security checkpoint this time though – I put my ticket to Chicago in the bag going through the scanner,  and then left behind  the second ticket (from Chicago to Vancouver) on the scanner.   A good half hour of panic before I retraced my steps and found it.  Best to double-check next time that everything is in hand before proceeding,  and to mentally prepare yourself for taking things out of pockets and all that.  Be ready to drop my loose change,  belt, keys, cell phone, shoes, wallet, take out the laptop and the liquids pouch for the contact solution…and then remember to keep the passport and the plane ticket to prove you can really go through.

Rest of the journey was pretty uneventful.   Movie was a cute one involving the writer for Peter Rabbit and related books — her life was actually a bit on the sad side,  but it was entertaining most of the time.  During the transfer at Chicago,  I discovered the computer had drained its battery — d’argh! And there was supposedly free wireless in the terminal.  I guess I’ll try it out next time – gotta remember to check that the computer is suspended when it’s closed.  Maybe I should set the auto-suspend timer to be a bit more aggressive —  then again,  before, it used to go to sleep in the middle of meetings.

It was good to get home…at least for a brief respite,  before beginning the prep for the next round:  the CGDN ASM.  Or I guess it’s really the ASM of the CGDN.  2007.  I’m catching up on this blogging.  Really.

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