Cartoon Morality

Realised that now that I’ve had a minute to take a breather,  that I want to find a new action-anime.  It’s been a little while since I’ve taken a look at the available things to watch,  but I usually figure there’s some guilty-pleasure anime out there that has thrill-a-minute action combined with conscience-soothing minor flakes of plot.   For the last little while,  it’s been Code Geass,  but with the carnage-filled cliff-hanger not-quite-ending that won’t be resolved until the final two episodes not airing till summer,  there’s now a gap to be filled.

Code Geass has definitely scratched the morality itch — I’ve had plenty of inner turmoil about the value of chaotic revolution versus careful evolution,  ends-justifying-means,  or not?   Handy that the show has a choose-your-own-hero aspect,  although “Lelouch of the
Revolution”  subtitle is a not-so-subtle hint as to who gets most of the focus.  I know that the corresponding mangas also include one called “Suzaku of the Counterattack”,  and part of me is thinking that might be a likely name for Season 2.  The other part of me wants the big finale right away!  I’ve reconciled my support for both by believing that everyone needs to choose their personal poison — usually,  it’s going to an anguishing couple notches beyond what you’d prefer,  but real life isn’t usually concerned about the easy path.  And, of course,  be ready for those who don’t see the world your way.  You can’t be everyone’s hero,  and you’re bound to be someone’s enemy.

Black Lagoon also had the fun with guns aspect — no giant robots,  but you can’t win them all — with a little philosophy thrown in to think about the role of mercs and other agents of “necessary violence” and their role in society.  I’m resolved on this point in believing that in this age, agents of violence are created by a society,  and as usual for anything we humans imagine up,  we both love and fear its power.

So in some sense,  I’m a firm believer that we’re all a victim of circumstances beyond our control.  Nature or nurture often turns out to be the same — usually, limited choices here. And I’m a big fan of taking responsibility for the actions anyways.   But because of all this,  I’m ultimately of the forgive the mistakes,  because I’m so far from being “free of sin” that it would be ridiculous for me to throw the first stone.  Or any stone,  for that matter.  Stones hurt, after all,  so be careful not to dish out what you can’t take in return.

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