So stupid…it gets bonus stupid points

I’m not entirely sure why I keep downloading and watching Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. It’s a giant robot anime, which gets some bonus points in my book…but in my opinion, most of the characters are pretty ugly, the mecha are pretty ugly giant talking heads…in general, the entire art style isn’t really to my taste. Plot is paper-thin, and that’s an insult to the thickness of most paper, and the characters are so flat they’re almost one-dimensional. But maybe that’s why it’s managed to worm its way into a special place in my heart – I find myself laughing at the sheer stupidity of it all. And really, the situations and the characters go out of their way to be extra stupid. Which brings me to the hilarious clip of the day

Frightening how ridiculous this scene is. Kamina (stupid manly main character) is piloting the big red robot and is getting pummelled by Viral, the evil mutant in the big white robot. Simon (wimpy crybaby) finally gets over his fear and comes in on his mini-drill-head-robot to join the fight. And then, Kamina praises Simon for becoming manly and then introduces his secret weapon – the stereotypical “Gattai” robot combination attack. Never mind that these are two completely unrelated robots, and there’s no obvious way to combine it. His “Gattai” is all of shoving the drill robot into the top of his robot. And then he proclaims “Ha! Now we have two heads too!”.

Bonus stupidity points for the ridiculousness of it all.

And don’t forget his manly attack yell. No, it doesn’t mean anything in japanese. It really is “Dabbu-Dabbu-Dabbu-Dabbu!”

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