Cool Emacs Feature of the day

Emacs can do all sorts of amazing things that I don’t know about. Anyways, had to repeatedly perform a bunch of keystrokes, and decided to see if there was an emacs command for memorising and playing back these things. Turns out this is a basic use of the macro facility, and it’s dirt simple to use. C-x (Control-X), then open bracket to start recording, C-x close bracket to stop. Then it’s C-x, then ‘e’ to play it back once, and keep hitting ‘e’ to repeat. Maybe I ought to read through an Emacs tutorial and see all the other uber-cool/simple features I’ve been missing out on.

In the past, I broke up a said macro into short sequences of keystrokes, then used muscle memory to play back a macro fifty times or so…Good old fashioned blood and sweat.

Update : Why the sudden thought about Emacs?  Why,  Emacs 22.1 (stable) has finally been released!  I’m still using a CVS version from May,  but will likely upgrade to the “new spiffy version” as soon as I’m feeling ready to break all the packages (sigh). Someone has to make installation less of a pain in the neck…

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