Movie Madness: Music and Lyrics

Random DVD rental movie pick from sister the younger — Music and Lyrics, starring unlikely couple Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. This was mostly a showdown with Because I Said So, and I am sincerely glad that the lady at the counter sided with this mostly fluffy funny piece. Sure, mother foisting date on daughter comedy could potentially be a recipe for success, but I’d rather not be caught in th middle should it happen to hit all the wrong notes with my mother and sister. Anyways, digressing from the topic.

Completely and totally by-the-book romantic comedy, comes with a ribbon-wrapped ending. Luckily, the key component — the funny bits and the sappy bits — seem to be reasonably well pulled together by the stars. I’m a big fan of witty dialogue, and Hugh Grant’s character delivers it in spades, non-stop funny gab through most of the movie. Drew Barrymore’s character seems less well realised — supposedly hypochondriacal neurotic, which starts of well but dries up by the middle. Writing lyrics turns her into an almost normal person by the middle-end of the movie, exposing the weakness of this movie — the last half ends up going standard formula, and the characters become a little too cookie cutter crisis/resolution. I miss the fun craziness of the first half, really.

(Theatrical Trailer)

Still, a hilarious movie that pokes fun at the music industry, with witty repartee that almost reaches the level of The Cutting Edge at times. I laughed more than once, and the movie never drags. What more can you want from a Hollywood Romantic Comedy(tm)?

And as a bonus — here’s the incredible 80s music video parody from the beginning of the movie. I think all the critics, whether they liked or disliked the movie, agreed that it was amazing. Ultra-cheese…PoP goes my heart indeed.

(PoP Goes My Heart – Parody 80s Music Video)

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