What I’m not carrying back – Bottlemania

Heading home tomorrow – there’ll be a train, bus and plane reversing the arrival schedule.  Packing my bag with the simultaneous toothbrushing and imminent sleeping,  I’ve noticed my small collection of bottles that I’m not going to be carrying back.

For most of this trip, I bought bottles of non-alcoholic drinks whenever I got thirsty – during breakfast,  while walking around Cardiff…and since I had a bag, I’d stash the empty bottle in it.  At night, I would also use these bottles to make cold water in the fridge in my room, for when I got thirsty at night.  I’ll probably leave them all behind, but lining them up on the counter,  there’s quite a stash.

I’ve got 1 Sprite, 1 Lucozade energy,  1 Lucozade sport (orange),  a greenleaf fairtrade Apple Raspberry,  a Fanta lemon, a Ribena Cranberry blackcurrant, 4 ribena blackcurrant (I got the 4 Ribena at a 2 for 1 at the Superdrug store), an Oasis Extra Light Berry (blech – artificial sweetener).

And then I wonder why I’m always looking for restrooms…

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