Ultimate Steal?

No, this is not the beginning of the master plan for a grand heist.  Instead,  this is a pretty impressive deal on Office 2007 for canadian students.  It’s the “ultimate” bundle – Word, Excel, Outlook, Onenote, Access…you name it, it’s probably in there,  and the whole shebang is $64.    There are equivalent offers for students in the states, in UK and a couple other countries – although, sadly, the US students pay less for theirs.  Sad result of the slow moving MSRP compared to the currency market.

Anyways,  not much to say.  The ribbon is both very stylish – there’s definitely a novelty whiz-bang impression currently going, counterbalanced by the irritation at not being able to have everything in their old places.  Actually, I mostly miss the ribbon in the apps that don’t have it – particularly OneNote.   As a side effect, it has also convinced me to turn on ClearType for the rest of the OS.  Once you get used to it,  it really does make all the fonts look a good chunk sharper,  although I prefer them chunkier.

Note that if you’re not a student and they find out, you’ll have to pay full price for the software (which is something ridiculous like $800). I haven’t actually bitten yet,  waiting to see if there’s going to be a big rebound somewhere in there,  but I think the laziness of doing the downgrade will probably have me keep it.

I do like the blueness of Word…

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