Sam & Max and other random games

Taking a trip to the days of yore…actually, Sam & Max (of Sam & Max, Freelance Police fame) are back,  in 3D!   I should probably pick up season one from London Drugs or somesuch when it hits bargain bin status,  but for now:

Abe Lincoln must die (Episode 4) is available for free download.  I haven’t actually played it,  but the demo for Episode  was pretty funny.

Also fooling around with Prince of Persia: Sands of Time,  and there’s the boardgame reviews I’ve been posting on BoardGameGeek.  I can’t seem to muster enough enthusiasm to finish off any RPGs lately (Final Fantasy V joins IX,  and Tactics Advance in the half-finished category).  I might make it further in PoP,  since it seems to be a pretty lightweight (ie easy to control but you easily pull off cool moves à la God of War.  The Ubisoft folks seem pretty reliable – I’ve been a fan of the Splinter Cell games.   More and more like you’re in control of an action movie – I’m still thinking up how to put together my ultimate strategy RPG game in that vein.

The other neat “technology demo” game I played around with lately is Toribash.  A fighting game in a completely different style – here everything is turn-based,  each turn simulating a couple seconds.   You choose which joints to extend or contract,  relax or hold rigid,  and by doing the right things you can create your own moves!  Of course,  it turns out a lot of the easy motions we take for granted are really hard to duplicate when thinking about it – exactly which muscles are used how to walk forward?  And the strength level is pretty insane – you can easily back flip and break off your head.I hear multiplayer is pretty extreme – the single player mode only has a non-moving dummy.

I think it would be neat to go the completely other way – lots of dumb AI controlled bots you could take apart. They wouldn’t have to do more than standard grunt AI from a final fight clone – you’d be the one doing all the nifty DIY kung fu.

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