Spontaneous Battery Combustion

Toshiba seems to be ramping up their efforts to get people to return the SOny laptop batteries in danger of catching fire.   Turns out a larger set than originally announced are  “at risk”,  and my computer is one of them – go to the official website for details.    Serial numbers didn’t match,  but the Toshiba Batterycheck program identifies it as an at-risk component.  Nearest Toshiba Authorised Service Provider turns out to be Business Pro Computers,  down at W. 3rd and Columbia.

Was initially worried that no battery meant that I wouldn’t be able to use my computer,  but actually I just have to be careful not to randomly unplug the AC adapter and I should be fine.  No more working “on-the-go” though – although I’ve discoverd that usually too much hastle to try to do work on buses, etc.

Hopefully the turnaround won’t be excessive – they say a couple days,  so I’m guessing next week sometime.  But hopefully a better battery pack might mean better mobile performance?  I’m hoping so…

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