Fallout 3 vs Bioshock

Bioshock was a pretty well-realised romp,  with an interesting premise.  Feels especially applicable since I know a little about this genetics thing myself – it’s interesting to see how the mass market views it (apparently,  like all science,  it is a gateway to unspeakable horrors and the realm of things that Man Was Not Meant To Know).   Very good,  although sometimes I had a feeling that things were chosen for shock value (let’s have small girls!…with giant needles!…And they’ll be indoctrinated by a crazy scientist!…and they’ll speak in cute voices while repeatedly stabbing things!)  A good premise,  and surprising twists in the story!  A pretty good followup to the System Shock series,  although I miss SHODAN.  B+

Fallout 3 has beautiful technology – there’s a cool slow motion gunplay system,  and you can wear all sorts of clothing.  A nice variety of weapons.  A huge,  well-realised world.  But unfortunately,  the story is pure blah.  I was waiting for … something … but it didn’t really happen.  You do things for people,  but you don’t connect with anyone really.  In the end,  I plowed through for the ending – a pretty impressive-looking final fight sequence,  although you end up watching rather than doing anything.  It’s really a C+ game with B+ technology under the hood.

And what is with American videogames and their obsession with the ugly?!  Maybe it’s the opposite end of the uncanny valley – if making things too life-like/realistic and pretty makes people creeped out,  I guess you can exploit that and really freak them out by making lifelike creepy things…Somehow,  I’d much rather be in a world that is not populated by people with a level of fashion sense comparable to my own.   And the single palette of colours – it’s all brown,  all the time in Fallout 3 (really dislike this,  probably burnt out on that scheme in my old Quake days).  Then again,  I like the over-the top colourful designs in Gundam,  which is on the “aesthetics over function” side of things.

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