Wanted – Not so good Action

This came up on a top 10 action movie list.  The trailer looked pretty good,  so I thought I’d watch this instead of Wall-E,  to get a better action fix than QoS.

Big mistake.

Instead,  this reminds me that QoS is a pretty good action movie – this one is pretty bad.  It’s pretty much killed by the main character – it really doesn’t feel like he grows up,  even though they make some hand-waving attempts at it.  He never comes across as “professional”,  rather he always seems to be “kid in training”.   This makes it hard to accept how he quickly goes from “no experience” to “beginner”  then suddenly into “godly best-in-class”.  It may have worked for Neo,  but it fails here.  The action sequences are okay,  but this is another movie lacking a good climactic fight.  It’s a little sad when an action movie’s biggest fight scene passes you by… if you can mistake it for filler crescendo,  it’s not really that great a scene…

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