When to give up…

Never give up, never surrender right?  One of my favorite anime bloggers (Star Crossed) is picking up Seikai no Monshou (“Crest of the Stars” – maybe that ought to be rather “Star Emblem”).  Actually,  was super excited for a moment when I thought that a new installment in the series was coming out – still holding out hope for the next chapter.

Still,  thinking again of the first episode,  when the president of the planet surrenders against an interstellar armada – should you fight to the bitter end when you know you’re beat?  Not only that,  but before even trying?  After all,  isn’t it better to end it all without bloodshed?  Sure,  the conquering Abh have a more feudal-style class system going with lords and royalty,  but if all it took was to have a hereditary governor for them to leave the planet alone.  And you could even have the governor be someone sympathetic … or even from the planet itself … like the president …

And yet,  surrendering at that juncture labelled the president to those terms with words like “traitorous scum” … you can imagine how popular that made him (hint: the key word is “executed”). I guess that’s why martyrs probably look like foolish idiots at the time,  and it’s only in the 20/20 vision of hindsight that we recognize their true importance.

But the story isn’t about the president,  but rather his son – completely blameless,  but suddenly becoming the hereditary “lord-prince” of a planet that really wasn’t all that keen on having a lord-prince,  and his life in a completely different culture.  All this is barely scratching at the episode 1 – wait till we run into the royalty. Good stuff.

Yeah, looking back it seems that I was intrigued by this again a year ago …notsalgia still going strong.  Maybe I’ll try hunting up the novels – seems Tokyopop is translating the original novels!

Edit:  It seems there’s a (partial?) fan translation of the fourth novel (latest non-animated installment) by Baka-Tsuki.

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