Keeping on the Pulse of PC gaming

There’s a couple of usual hangouts I seem to gravitate towards to get up-to-date on what’s new and what’s fun to play.  There’s Rock, Paper, Shotgun who are some pretty funny guys which write on a whole slew of topics,  and actually think (out loud) on what makes a game tick,  why it’s fun – great for finding out what I might enjoy, and exploring what makes these games fun.  The quarter to three game forums have lots of pretty relaxed folk who write about games (and game related things) that they enjoy – it’s a bit no holds barred light moderation,  but everyone behaves mostly and you see a whole spectrum of interests.  There’s a particularly good Bargain Thread (currently up to 320 pages!) – the tail end of that tracks all sorts of deals (PC and console-related).  We’re talking popular games,  often over 50% off.  My new bar is the $5-$10 bracket – it’s like getting a movie rental online.

Oh,  and I shouldn’t forget the funny folks at Penny Arcade – their comics are hilarious,  and they have some interesting insight into gaming and the industry,  although they sometimes wander off into the realm of console gaming (which I’m currently avoiding due to already wasting too much time PC gaming…)

Of course,  the old standby Bluesnews is the standard stop to hear about new releases,  but it’s straight news – nowadays,  I like the commentary I get at those two other sites almost as much as actually playing games sometimes.

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