Power of Technology

Saw this article on productivity on lifehack – I agree that converting “downtime” to productivity can be detrimental – in cases where the “downtime” in question isn’t really empty.  There is probably a conservation of productivity rule – when you convert one task to another,   something is always lost.  Sometimes,  you may value what you lose much less than what you gain – maybe it wasn’t imperative that you solve that crossword,  or watch that rerun on TV.  But that is always relative to your perspective…I think technology isn’t really the culprit here – rather than using a smartphone,  if you think that writing a letter in the washroom or while driving makes you more productive,  it’s probably your valuation that is skewed,  rather than technology simply enabling you to do a new task (now you can talk to people directly rather than indirectly through post!)  Technology really just gives you more options,  makes things happen faster…it is a tool.  Smartphones are just the current iteration…

I’m actually kinda scared that I might not make the transition to the next generation communication technology – I’m already a little scared of using phones,  and I rarely think to msg people with a phone.  I’m slowly adapting though…I’m already converting to Facebook (mostly due to scheduling of all my swing dancing seems to go through there…) so maybe I’m not a lost cause…


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