I guess I’ve been spoiled by Disney “of yore” – I got to live through seeing great classics like the Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin and they’ve set the bar for what I would consider a “Disney musical”.  Tangled aspires to that level,  but I feel that it misses the mark in a couple ways.  The songs are good,  but nothing catchy-happy-fun to hold your mind.  Plus, the story feels weak – characters feel a bit underdeveloped,  both in terms of backstory and in terms of their development together (true love,  less than 72 hours.  Really?!),  and the final showdowns wasn’t really much of a showdown.  A good ending,  but feels a bit forced – I wasn’t really convinced the hero was really that noble deep inside,  or that anyone would really help him out.

But it’s good lighthearted fun with a bit of music – not bad,  but so close to being something that much more special.

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