Dancing…Where? Who? What?

I wonder I like dancing best?  I know I love dancing in ballrooms, like my “usual” dance venue, the Legion – sometimes supported by the energy of an entire roomful of dancers, sometimes an entire wide space all to yourself,  the music filling the entire room.  I also love dancing out on the deck in Showboat – cool wind in my hair, the sun setting gently in the backdrop.  I love intimate little restaurants and bars, where the live music is right at your elbow.

I love it when I am swamped with dances, barely finishing one before diving back in for another – surprising dances people I’ve never met,  settling right in the groove with my comfortable friends.  I love dancing and watching those I know and respect,  learning and experimenting.  I love killing song after song with someone I know and trust, laughing off silliness, locking eyes with a smile and jumping right back in.

Today’s thought from the Universe says “Baby souls follow.  Young souls lead.  Old souls dance alone.”  I will dance alone if I must, but I love following, even if I am but a infant at it,  and I love learning how to lead.

There is a lot to love – and of course the flipside but I think this half of the glass is a lot more interesting!

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