Sweating and Looks

A “motivational” poster saying “If you still look cute at the end of your workout you didn’t…Train Hard Enough” got me thinking. Actually, it also reminded me of the photo album by Sarah Goldberger of runners right outside a park (looking for those who looked like they just finished a run), and then having the same people coming back and posing again a week later in a photo studio.

Makes me realise how little I worry about sweat, actually.  I’ve had many follows apologise or warn me about sweat – running the gamut of a little sweat on the hands to damp clothing – and personally,  I’m usually at that point post shirt change and fully understanding, not to mention that my hand at this point has made contact with lots of my sweat and that of quite a few others.  But in addition to the non-squeamishness I have with sweat,  I don’t think post-dance their cuteness is at all affected.  Actually, after a good dance, we’d both be smiling so hard I wouldn’t be surprised if I’d rate them as cuter, at least in the heat of the moment (and therefore in my recollection).  Makes me wonder how the before/after pictures would look if you had smiling lindy hoppers after absolutely nailing a song – or really, “the look of success” like mountain climbers at the summit – and compared those post-exertion pictures with their “regular social persona”. Hmm….although pose/facial expression might factor a lot into how people look…

Which reminds me – there is definitely photographic evidence that I have some pretty weird faces while I’m dancing.  Which apparently are giveaways/tells/leads for some of my moves – looks like I have a “swingout face” 😉

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