But!  Before I forget,  I do want to remember that my biggest luck in shoes are a pair of Stacy Adams “Kingsman” shoes – here’s a review by someone else that also has some pictures. Yes,  these blue shoes are actually for some reason categorised as the “black” model, but they are most definitely a two-tone wingtip blue on cream that has gotten me quite a few compliments.

I lucked out in a half off sale at Freedman Shoes on Granville and picked up a pair for $60.  The sole is hard rubber so I’ve been a bit inclined to think about resoling them, but really I use them all the time for dancing so there’s really no opportunity.   The rubber is not very grippy – not quite able to do long slides,  but if it’s a slick floor I can slide a bit.  If I’d known how great they would work out I’d have bought another pair – I’ve sadly had no luck finding them again in town.  Size 8 fits me like a dream – was in a shoe store where they tried to get me into a 7.5 but that’s a no-go with my insoles.

Maybe I’ll just have to bite the bullet and order another pair online…I do browse through the size 8 stacy adams on eBay,  but no luck finding anything like it…

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