Android-y? -er?

Slowly but surely I’m now in the land of Android smartphones – mine’s running Gingerbread on a first-generation Samsung Galaxy S.  So far I’m pretty happy with it,  although it tends to freeze up once every day or two of solid use. Still,  it’s very nice to have a phone with enough power under the hood to browse the web,  and which has some decent maps. GPS is a bit spotty but usually works eventually.  What I really do miss though is the hardware keyboard – something the size of a Samsung smartphone with a slideout keyboard would probably be a bit of a monster, but although Swype is sometimes amazing, it is also sometimes dumb as a doornail – for example, when typing things that are not english words like passwords. Although,  the QWERTY weird positioning of keys probably makes swype work better than it should, and it is miles beyond hunt and peck on a soft keyboard.  And the biggest failure in all touchphones?  Selecting text.  Select, cut and paste is a task where combining inaccuracy in pointing with limited visibility means lots of mistakes in cutting the selection,  lots of slow painful scrolling and ending up pasting in the wrong spot. And then good luck undoing it…

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