Rose-Tinted Glasses, White Lies, Conspiracy Theories

Sometimes I wonder if maybe what we see and what we hear, especially about a past that is otherwise lost and unrecorded, can be affected by the rose-tinted glasses, hazy memories, wishful thinking…After all,  when people come to you for the definitive history, when your word will be that which leads, guides and inspires the future, might you not think about tweaking the truth.  As a storyteller, is it your duty to protect those who have already passed, and tell the story as it should be told? Truth is. after all, a thorny, spiky ball that never fails to prick surprisingly.

Sometimes I wonder what if the lindy hop we are doing nowadays is double-time – after all,  we are taught to clap on the even beats.  What if that’s when you normally stepped,  once for every pulse. Maybe they sometimes did go double-time – and maybe always for performances, or particularly fast music, where they want as much speed to come through as possible. When you come back to music not danced to for decades, who is left to argue? It might not have even been intentional – after all, we seek the best dancers and to dupliate, and maybe they were easily all comfortable with double time.  Would beginners half time things? Would people quadruple time things? Is it possible that the lindy hop we have today is really an agglomeration of the aspects the old-timers wanted to keep?  That they cut out the parts they didn’t like, hid or forgot the most dangerous or stupid moves? They wouldn’t teach all the groping, the inappropriate stylings, the politically incorrect movements that teenagers would make up. Those wouldn’t be appropriate for film either…

The truth, from the Onion News Network. 


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