Chasing Momentum and Alternate Dimensions

Just go with the flow. A bit of a zen kind of outlook – don’t fight the world but instead read the intentions and use this to propel yourself. It seems to make so much sense, although, of course putting it into practice is far trickier. After all, you don’t want to simply be a plaything of the universe, and sometimes you will need to tack into the wind. And, of course, it’s hard to tell hours often this comes about due to brilliant planning, and when it is really just dumb luck. But it does feel awfully brilliant when the cards fall your way, and it gels like all is falling into place in your master plan.

Sometimes I like to imagine that we are 4-dimensional creatures, able to hop between dimensions – but we are taught to live so solidly in this single line of time that this is the only thing we see. But sometimes, perhaps due to some reflexive fear of a particularly dark future, we flex our d-hopping muscles. Maybe we instinctively navigate the dimensions, using autonomic reflexes to shift ourselves slightly towards the outcomes we want. “Lucky” people are simply those with a better innate mastery of this art – our just better than you. And if anyone were to be able to master this…they would appear to be a completely different beast altogether. And this puts failure in context – that this was the better outcome. Then again, maybe the muscle was tired, overworked, sore. Maybe it was a mistake. These aren’t quite satisfactory though since what does it mean when time is taken out of the picture. Rather, perhaps something else – someone else’s will perturbed yours. This makes the clash of desires direct.

Maybe it is even more subtle than that – maybe each alternate timeline, your will exerts influence – your worst nemesis might really be alternate you – your own will in all the other dimensions. Maybe sometimes you will amplify out complement yourself, but sometimes you will interfere or even hinder yourself. Everyone and their alternate selves all moving and shifting the fabric of reality – that would be probably too much to really understand. We have enough trouble with 3.5 D – actually, we’re really only good with 2.5. 4 is probably far beyond what anyone can usually manage to visualize.


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