Smooth Lindy Hop

Thinking of the Lindy as a smooth dance is pretty recent for me – the bouncing pulse doesn’t immediately translate to flowing lines in my head. Recently though, thoughts of natural movement, flowing from one action to the next, has been popularized – James Bond by Daniel Craig is the man in constant motion, Batman in the games by Rocksteady. So I’ve started to view Lindy Hop as a dance where you sun to redirect momentum rather than stopping and starting – a flawless freeflow combo.
Maybe that’s why I’m suddenly confounded by East Coast Swing. Rather than straight lines and arcs, there are far more perpendicular changes of direction that now take me by surprise. It does the dance disservice to simply say East Coast Swing is just the 6 count subset if lindy. It’s origins may be so, but in its evolution in parallel with rock, country, jive and neo-swing, it is now its own beast.
Not that the lessons of lindy aren’t applicable – after all, when you have a hammer what isn’t a nail? Still, even agreed-upon conventions could be made twice as awesome if there was a way to gently lead it…


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