Busy saving the galaxy…

Usually I manage to resist, but there was a sale for Mass Effect 3 on greenmangaming.com that put it under $10. I also managed to work up the 15 minute effort to salvage the old save game from the HD of the last computer – turns out there’s no free slot in this computer for it though, so I ended up pulling the DVD drive. And now Shepard is back. And the galaxy needs a lot more saving.
Actually, while it was installing, I played a bit of  Star Wars: the old republic. Also epic galaxy saving tale, but the key difference is that it’s got the quiet farm boy/untrained youth thing going on. I played a good couple hours and other than the intro movie and the off reference, the great galactic war is somewhere out in the hypothetical. Mass effect, on the other, goes into exploding action movie mode pretty much in the first five minutes. It’s now in the slower ‘ do a million quests’ interlude filler, but they do spice it up with world changing plot points. I hear your choices might actually change things, but we shall see…

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