End of the Shepard

Well, made it to the end if the saga of commander Shepard. It was a pretty great run, although I’m not sure whether having braced myself for an unsatisfying ending helped dampen the final blow. Always tough to say goodbye to a character. In the end, I was okay with the ending.

As always, I felt like there could have been more content – a lot of the side characters only got cameos this time around. Actually, when I start thinking about it, it seems like all the Mass Effect 2 characters got a bit of the short end of the stick.  It’s a bit contrived which characters end up being potential party members vs. which end up only having a couple token appearances – I do agree that the cast is big, so I guess in the end it was too much work to make everyone playable. Still,  the plot goes to ridiculous ends to make all the ME1 characters end up on your ship, and some pretty lame excuses why the ME2 characters can’t make it.  Smells more like ME2 was done by a different group than the ME1 folks, and it’s the ME1 folks who got to make this ME3 installment.

Depending on who you were most attached to (the ME1 characters or the ME2 characters), ME3 might be fine, or might seem like it’s giving your favorites the shaft. Makes recommending how to approach the series as a whole a bit tricky – story-wise,  Mass Effect 1 and 3 could almost stand alone,  whereas 2 is almost “side stories of Commander Shepard”. But the gameplay was a good deal stronger in Mass Effect 2, whereas 1 might be getting a bit long in the tooth as it were.  Still, you can’t import a file from ME1 into ME3, and playing Mass Effect 3 without the first two would lose a lot of flavour, since all these “old friends” that keep turning up wouldn’t be familiar.

Anyways,  looks like it’s likely goodbye to this universe, or at least till ME4 🙂

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