Food: Foe.

Sometimes, I too get caught up in the illusion of “wholesome, natural food”.  I’m not particularly for or against genetic engineering in plants – I consider most plants as being engineered into their current state by long, arduous human selection.  Going in and directly tinkering with the genome is definitely a big step further along,  so I consider it mostly a “great power, great responsibility” situation,  and the power can definitely be abused. Recently I’ve further developed this stance though, looking at the plants themselves and realising that no living creature wants to be eaten – not just animals, but fruits and vegetables and nuts as well.  Sure,  they may have adapted to exploit the fact that they get eaten by other creatures, but by and large most organisms would rather not be eaten (well, there are pollinators…). Food has to tolerate it – not having a choice if they are further down the food chain – and maybe they try to “make the best of a bad situation”. The only reason that most of the food is edible and nutritious is not because they want to be nutritious – we’ve evolved to be able to eat them, and through domestication we’ve manipulated the food to better suit us. Really, the domestication of plants and animals is really the story of systematic oppression of these life forms, where we’ve culled (mass execution) the dissenters, leaving only the “defectors”.

Kinda reminds me a bit of the Reapers from Mass Effect,  although the “advanced races” are more like pretty butterflies for the collection rather than food…Not so much domesticating either.  Not quite the same thing at all…although it made me realise the agriculture theme of Mass Effect, what with Reaping on one side and Shepherding on the other.

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