I signed up for MoviePass a couple weeks after arriving in Kansas City.  I initially had issues because

  • My Paypal account was Canadian
  • My US bank account had my Canadian address

At least I assume it was one or both of these things – unfortunately the signup just plain failed – it would get to the last page and not confirm payment. MoviePass’s customer support never got back to me.  I kept trying every couple of days and eventually I got signed up! Some notes:

  • You can connect to Facebook in the app.  This is nice, because every now and then the app logs you out and I’m getting tired of typing in my credentials.  You have to do it in the app – go to the menu “Profile”, submenu “Plan information”.
  • You can buy tickets in on the day in advance,  as long as you do it in person at the theatre.  I’ve been stopping on the way home,  buying a ticket,  getting groceries,  going home and having dinner before coming back for the movie.

Just today I got notice that there is a promo annual plan at $7 a month.  I signed up, with a bit of trepidation – the deal is solid,  my only worry is that MoviePass survives long enough for me to use it!  It’s a nice complement to streaming video though – I see the new things on the big screen and I can dig through classics and TV shows online.

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