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But!  Before I forget,  I do want to remember that my biggest luck in shoes are a pair of Stacy Adams “Kingsman” shoes – here’s a review by someone else that also has some pictures. Yes,  these blue shoes are actually for some reason categorised as the “black” model, but they are most definitely a two-tone wingtip blue on cream that has gotten me quite a few compliments.

I lucked out in a half off sale at Freedman Shoes on Granville and picked up a pair for $60.  The sole is hard rubber so I’ve been a bit inclined to think about resoling them, but really I use them all the time for dancing so there’s really no opportunity.   The rubber is not very grippy – not quite able to do long slides,  but if it’s a slick floor I can slide a bit.  If I’d known how great they would work out I’d have bought another pair – I’ve sadly had no luck finding them again in town.  Size 8 fits me like a dream – was in a shoe store where they tried to get me into a 7.5 but that’s a no-go with my insoles.

Maybe I’ll just have to bite the bullet and order another pair online…I do browse through the size 8 stacy adams on eBay,  but no luck finding anything like it…

Shoe Lacing Experimentation

Another pair of shoes means time to visit Ian’s Shoelace Site.  Turns out this pair of shoes are borderline fit, and so far,  attempts at lacing either make the right foot or the left foot uncomfortable.  Plus,  relacing the shoes is giving me extra practice doing the Ian ultra-fast knot – always thought that would be a neat knot to get down pat.  World’s fastest knot,  after all – and Jeremy Moses once demonstrated that it could be magically fast indeed.

My last pair of shoes,  I used European-style straight lacing.  This time around,   that one seems to make the right shoe uncomfortable,  so I’ve tried the old-fashioned criss-cross,  the over-under (both still make the right side uncomfortable),   and now trying the fashion-style straight lacing (makes the left side uncomfortable!).  Can’t win, it seems.   There’s a little bar in the front of the laces,  so I haven’t had a chance to try the “double-helix” ,  which sounds especially appropriate for a bioinformatician.  Maybe I can try doing it reversed or somesuch,  so it starts with the laces above…