More Power!!!…Fizzle…

One of the essentials to have on the road with a laptop is a power supply – investing in a spare is one of my brightest ideas…except, of course, when said power supply starts smelling metallic funny and making snapping sounds. Looks like it’s time to get another one. Getting a spare power supply these days is as easy as looking up the name of the laptop on eBay. For me, “Toshiba R10 power” was good enough to bring up something applicable. Pretty cheap, too…although it’s the exact same model as the one that’s broken.

Then again, I’m awfully glad that the spare is broken, and my original cord is working perfectly fine. It would be rather awkward to have no power for the laptop – that would be an awkward nightmare…I’m started to get tempted to get a spare battery…and going to 2 Gigs of RAM from 1….upgrades, upgrades…

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