Quantum of Solace – Not a Bond

Despite the nifty title – I love how it actually uses quantum in a way that actually uses the meaning of quantum – and the fact that it was an pretty good action film,  I’m pretty convinced now that it’s a pretty dismal “Bond film”.  I can understand wanting to leave your mark on the Bond franchise,  but this film fits better as part of a different franchise – no real gadgets,  no big villain, a bit of an ordinary story.  Casino Royale,  while injecting a new style,  still had enough things that we could recognise it as Bond. Here,  Bond is a kinda ordinary spy – Greene may be part of an international conspiracy organisation,  but he seems no more than a bit player.  It kept feeling like there was going to be more,  but in the end Bond has another face-off against someone without weapons training.  Sadly,  the “gritty realistic” style seems to mean that there’s no satisfying climactic battles.  Wee,  you beat up a businessman.  Good for you, superspy.

It’s not to say that QoS is bad action – it’s a pretty good action-wise – but it really felt more like the pilot episode of a TV series.  Hints of bigger things,  but nothing much really happens.  Well,  maybe Bond gets his bit of solace – but ultimately,  nothing more than a side story.

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